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Facial Recognition

"A world without passwords"

Precise positioning is vital. Even a 1% error in determining the eye position can result in a 10% reduction of accuracy. Our face biometric authentication technology is based on an industry-leading face finder. This precision is one of the reasons why our technology is that accurate and reliable.






UNITED's face biometrics technology furthermore takes over 800 facial characteristics into account in creating a biometric template.

And as facial features can change over time, our learning mode ensures the biometric template evolves as face features change. With every successful authentication, the matched profile is used to enrich the biometric template. This learning mode not only helps to maintain reliability over time, but also learns to recognize the user under varying lighting conditions. Making our technology even more reliable.

Video Identification System

United.SmartTracker is a hardware and software solution for real-time face recognition, biometric search and facial DB management. United.SmartTracker has an extremely wide application area: transportation (train stations, marine and river terminals, subway, airports), recreational and strategic facilities, city infrastructure.

United.SmartTracker Architecture.png

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