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Financial Services

"UNITED understands the challenges of the financial services industry.
Our biometric solutions ensure both an improved end-user convenience as well as data and privacy protection."

Sensitive information makes the financial services industry a prime target for data breaches and identity theft. And with the ever increasing use of digital and personalised services, the balance between reducing the risk of data theft and identity fraud, and applying more convenient methods of employee and customer authentication is a primary challenge.

In addition, the continuous developments of legislation and compliance require financial services providers to apply flexible solutions that can be managed effectively and are adaptable to changing circumstances.


Our solutions for financial services increase security, prevent fraud, enhance the customer experience and make your organisation more cost-effective.

We help to remove inconvenient and unnatural barriers for authentication like tokens, cards and passwords.

Use Cases

Provide your customers and employees with a more convenient and secured authentication experience with UNITED biometrics.

  • Use facial biometrics for customer access to apps and platforms.

  • Apply biometrics for employee authentication to access everything from building to application.

  • Use voice biometrics to authenticate customers and reduce call time in your service centres.

  • Eliminate the risk of e.g. pension fraud by using UNITED Proof-of-Life.

  • Apply a differentiated approach of biometric authentication  depending on security level  for location or information access.

Your Value
  • Enhance the customer experience through improved convenience.

  • Ensure  stronger authentication.

  • Prevent fraud and identity theft.

  • Reduce costs by automating authentication processes.

  • Benefit from a fast and compelling ROI.

  • No more passwords, cards, tokens, etc.

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