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"At UNITED we understands the diversity of challenges faced by government organisations.
We can help to leverage proven biometric applications and tailor these to the exact circumstances required for different fields of government."

Few organisations are as complex in service diversity as government is, providing a wide variety of challenges in client and employee authentication. In addition, governmental organisation are prone to data breached and identity fraud. But how can we ensure a seamless client experience in interaction with governmental service providers, while protecting client privacy and safeguarding against fraud?


Consider for instance tax authorities, population registration and identity, and voting. The challenges in both authentication and data security are immense.

This is where UNITED can be of help!


Our solutions for government services increase security, prevent fraud, enhance the client experience and make your organisation more cost-effective.

We help to remove inconvenient and unnatural barriers for authentication like tokens, cards and passwords.

Use Cases

Make full use of the potential of biometric authentication and safeguard against data breaches and fraud.

  • Use facial biometrics for client access to apps and platforms for governmental services.

  • Apply biometrics for employee authentication to access everything from building to application.

  • Use the easy of voice or face authentication to allow government employees access to client files.

  • Use voice biometrics to authenticate clients and reduce call time in your service centres.

  • Use voice biometrics for Proof-of-Life verification as fraud prevention measure.

  • Apply biometric authentication for Proof-of-Presence purposes.

Your Value
  • Enhance the client experience through improved convenience.

  • Ensure stronger authentication.

  • Prevent fraud and data theft.

  • Ensure client privacy through stronger authentication of the client and government organisations, and encrypted information exchange.

  • Benefit from a fast and compelling ROI.

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