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Health Care

"UNITED understands the challenges of the health care industry.
Our solutions ensure patient confidentiality while minimizing the risk of fraud."

Our medical information is perhaps considered the most personal and valuable of all. Its integrity and safety is critical and recent data breaches have shown how vulnerable access to medical information can be. Regulatory pressures and compliance guidelines naturally require health care providers to handle patient information with the highest degree of privacy and care.

But how can we ensure a seamless patient experience in receiving care and in communicating with for instance physicians and insurance providers, while protecting patient privacy and at the same time safeguarding health care providers against fraud?


With health care related fraud reaching an estimate of 56 billion in the EU alone, finding the right balance is crucial.

This is where UNITED can be of help!


Prevent medical identity theft and safeguard the privacy of healthcare data with a secure and convenient authentication experience for physicians, partners and patients.

Our solutions for healthcare protect access to sensitive medical data records, deliver a simpler authentication experience and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

Use Cases

Go beyond usernames, passwords and insecure questions. Apply biometric authentication for patients and health care providers to eliminate the risk of fraud.

  • Apply biometrics for patient access to insurance portals and to validate received care.

  • Utilize the ease of voice or face authentication to allow physicians access to patient files and register provided care.

  • Use voice biometrics to allow elderly and sick people to order prescription medication without the need to leave the house.

  • Use voice biometrics to authenticate customers and reduce call time in your service centres.

Your Value
  • Enhance the patient experience through improved convenience.

  • Ensure patient privacy through stronger authentication of patients and health care providers, and encrypted information exchange.

  • Prevent fraud and data theft.

  • Benefit from a fast and compelling ROI.

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