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"UNITED understands the complexity of challenges faced by the travel sector.
We provides biometric authentication and identification solutions that strengthen security and help realise a seamless customer experience."

A personalised customer experience, the key industry trends in which customer processing, security and operations are coming together. From airports and airlines to hotels and tour operators, all sector stakeholders are challenged to share information and apply innovative technologies to deliver and integrate and seamless experience while safeguarding security.

As service providers are becoming more and more integrated, technology plays a vital role in providing the required level of control and security in dealing with an increasing complexity.

But is improved security not contradictory to a seamless customer experience?

Well, this used to be the case in traditional methods, but biometric technology now offers both benefits.


Our solutions for the travel industry are designed to improve security through biometrics authentication, while helping to realise the seamless experience ambition.

UNITED provides the alternative to the traditional costly biometric hardware.


Our API technology allows for easy application of biometrics in both customer and employee related areas.

Use Cases

Provide your customers and employees with a more convenient and secured authentication experience with UNITED biometrics.

  • Use facial biometrics for customer access to apps and platforms.

  • Apply biometrics for employee authentication to access everything from building to application.

  • Use voice biometrics to authenticate customers and reduce call time in your service centres.

  • Apply a differentiated approach of biometric authentication depending on security level for location or information access.

Your Value
  • Enhance the customer experience through improved convenience.

  • Ensure stronger authentication.

  • Reduce security risks while increasing security measures.

  • Benefit from a fast and compelling ROI.

  • No more passwords, cards, tokens, etc.

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