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Voice Recognition

"A world without passwords"

Voice biometrics can be applied in a wide variety of circumstances and to support various applications, UNITED has developed leading technology in 2 key areas of voice biometrics.

Our active voice technology allows for authentication by use of fixed phrases. The user for instance recites “My voice is very special and unique” in a mobile app or IVR and is authenticated against a biometric template of an enrolled profile. This type of voice biometrics provides superior performance.

With our passive voice technology we truly take away all unnatural boundaries. The user only has to engage in a natural conversation and once enrolled, user authentication only take seconds. This type of voice biometrics provide true convenience and is very secure against fake attempts.

Combining both active and passive elements of voice biometric authentication technology brings the benefit of both types together and is is particularly useful to make active authentication more fraud resistant. Is such cases a tailored approach of fixed and prompted phases provides the best combination of performance and reliability.

And is with facial features, our voice is also subjected to change over time. UNITED learning mode for voice biometrics ensures that the biometric templets remain up to date to provide optimum accuracy.

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