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Biometric Face Recognition

We believe in a Secure and Convenient World

"A world without passwords"

Today, high tech business success is determined by three main factors: quality, innovation and speed of decisionmaking. The customer is the one who sets the requirements.


Therefore, our task is to continuously explore current market needs, anticipate future trends and customer expectations and plan our activities accordingly. It is crucial for us to have reliable data about the level of customer satisfaction, to increase the speed of product development and market launch, as well as the speed of reaction to market changes and needs.


To provide a high quality product, we constantly carry out modernization of the existing solutions. One of our main principles is the adaption of any product to specific operating conditions. Predesign inspection of facilities, training services and technical support. All these factors help us improve our work and create the most comfortable conditions for our clients.


“We strongly believe in our technologies, as they provide a natural way of interaction between humans and computers. Our products solve the most urgent tasks of our customers, providing new information and making their lives easier and safer”.


                                                                                                       Jonathan B., Founder of United


Biometric Authentication Technology

UNITED's global distribution network includes numerous resellers and partners worldwide.

Voice authentication

A very practical form of biometrics, both in reliability and application. Voice biometrics provides a range of opportunities.

Face authentication

Precision is key. With an industry leading face finder and advanced biometric algorithm, UNITED face recognition technology ranks amongst the best performing technologies in the market.

Secure Platform

Highly secure communication platform for teamwork,
chats, audio and video calls, conferences, file sharing –
all in one window and completely secure.


Learn All About the Advantages that Our Systems and Products Has to Offer

Facial recognition

Precise positioning is vital. Even a 1% error in determining the eye position can result in a 10% reduction of accuracy. Our face biometric authentication technology is based on an industry-leading face finder.

Voice recognition

Voice biometrics can be applied in a wide variety of circumstances and to support various applications, UNITED has developed leading technology in 2 key areas of voice biometrics.


Our Solutions

"We've Got the Future under Control"

UNITED is an integrator company specialized in the field of high and new technologies. UNITED's biometric authentication solutions are built on the principal of multimodal biometrics, artificial intelligence and provide access to the tailored application of multi-factor authentication.

Our solutions meet all legal security requirements in all business environments, offices, warehouses, factories, healthcare and educational institutions as well as urban areas.

Providing biometric authentication technology is one thing, but the ability to integrate new applications within existing processes, systems and hardware is something else. This is where our vast experience in integration can help. Whether provided through our open API’s or via our embedded platform linked to our internal artificial intelligence technology, UNITED offers the support you need for efficient integration.

We work with the world's leading technology providers to implement best-of-breed best-in-class solutions tailored to your needs. Our technology partners play a key role in ensuring the sustainability of shared success.



UNITED biometric authentication solutions are built on the principal of multimodal biometrics and provide access to the tailored application of multi-factor authentication. Not just customer, but truly case dependent.

Financial Services

Sensitive information makes the financial services industry a prime target for data breaches and identity theft. And with the ever increasing use of digital and personalised services, the balance between reducing the risk of data theft and identity fraud, and applying more convenient methods of employee and customer authentication is a primary challenge.


A personalised customer experience, the key industry trends in which customer processing, security and operations are coming together. From airports and airlines to hotels and tour operators, all sector stakeholders are challenged to share information and apply innovative technologies to deliver and integrate and seamless experience while safeguarding security.

Health Care

Our medical information is perhaps considered the most personal and valuable of all. Its integrity and safety is critical and recent data breaches have shown how vulnerable access to medical information can be. Regulatory pressures and compliance guidelines naturally require health care providers to handle patient information with the highest degree of privacy and care.


Few organisations are as complex in service diversity as government is, providing a wide variety of challenges in client and employee authentication. In addition, governmental organisation are prone to data breached and identity fraud. But how can we ensure a seamless client experience in interaction with governmental service providers, while protecting client privacy and safeguarding against fraud? 


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